CMR Transcription Services specializes in business or general transcription. Our expert transcriptionists provide top-quality transcriptions of conference calls, earnings calls, focus groups, webcasts, webinars, board meetings, conferences, and more. With advanced scheduling, we can turn your audio into 98.5% (or better!) accuracy. Transcripts within 6 hrs, 24 hrs, 48 hrs or economy turnaround times.

If your concern is confidentiality, you needn’t worry. CMR Transcription Services only employs transcriptionists who sign our legally-binding confidentiality agreement. All reports are delivered electronically and are password protected, safeguarding them against unauthorized access.

Our standard turnaround time is two business days. If you would like rush transcription services, CMR can have your files transcribed, proofed, and returned within one business day (24 hours). If you are able to schedule projects in advance, CMR Transcription Services can offer you our industry-leading 6 hour turnaround time. If turnaround time is not a deciding factor for you, CMR also offers economy transcription services with three day and one week turnaround times for reduced rates.

No matter if you’re a Fortune 500 or an individual, CMR delivers what you want and need. You determine the turnaround, type of transcription and the format!

Transcription types:

  • Verbatim
  • Modified verbatim – omits fillers, stutters and false starts
  • Minutes – summarization

Do you want the transcript synchronized for captioning or scrolling text? CMR can time code the transcript based on a time increment or a character count.

Turnaround Time

Rate per Audio Hour*

Turnaround Time Cost

6 hours $300.00
1 business day (24 hours) $225.00
2 business days (48 hours) $200.00
3 business days (72 hours) $175.00
1 business week $130.00

*based on clean audio with modified verbatim transcription

Have a Lot of Work?

Special pricing can be quoted based on volume; project based production as well as exclusive partnerships.