CMR’s Medical Transcription Service is the perfect partner for your medical practice’s electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) solution. Our highly qualified medical transcriptionists have access to advanced training and resources to ensure the accuracy of their work–including the most advanced terminology, treatments, and pharmaceuticals. All CMR transcriptionists sign a statement of confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our strategic partnership with WebChartMD allows us to have the technological expertise to handle any situation and interface with transcription modules at your facility to ensure accurate, fast results. Our online platform allows you to edit, print, e-sign, and even auto-fax your records prior to integrating them seamlessly with your EMR/EHR system.

CMR’s dictation services are available via handheld Dictaphone, dial-in services or even an iPhone app! Sign up for medical transcription with CMR, and start to save money on equipment, training, technical support, employee wages, benefits and even managerial costs now.

If you’re still not convinced, check out our testimonials and contact one of our medical representatives at for a free trial!


CMR’s medical transcription service uses the standard line count pricing (65 characters per line) for accurate accounting of your transcription expenses.

Handheld Digital Recorder Dictation:

Lines p/Month Cost p/Line

40,000 or less $0.12
40,001 to 100,000 $0.11
100,000+ lines $0.105

Dial-in Dictation:

Lines p/Month Cost p/Line

40,000 or less $0.15
40,001 to 100,000 $0.14
100,000+ lines $0.135

Additional monthly toll free dial-in fee based on number of minutes required.

  • 300 minutes – $80 per month
  • 600 minutes — $150 per month
  • 1200 minutes — $225 per month

*overages may apply. Flexible monthly plan changes at no additional fee.