We know how important it is to offer top-quality transcriptions of conferences, earnings calls, focus groups, webcasts, training webinars, product training as well as analyst day events to your clients—and now we’re able to reach even more of your market by providing top-quality translation services!

We’re able to transcribe your English speaking conference (or take an existing English document) and translate it into over 100 languages including Spanish Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Polish, French, German, Korean and Japanese.

Pricing is determined by word count in English and standard turnaround time of 5 business days per 10,000 words.

For translation into multiple languages, please request a project specific quote.


CMR’s translation services also include:

  • Voice-overs & Dubbing
  • Multilingual publishing
  • Consecutive interpretation services


CMR’s translation rate structure is based upon word count and the language that you’re translating into:



Our most common translation rates are:

English to: Rate:

Spanish (Spain) $0.26
Spanish (LatAm) $0.23
Portuguese (Brazil) $0.23
Portuguese (Iberian) $0.30
Russian $0.23
Mandarin $0.23
Italian $0.30
Turkish $0.27
Polish $0.27
French $0.30
German $0.30
Korean $0.30
Japanese $0.35
Regional Spanish to Spanish LatAm $0.11

Have a Lot of Work?

Special pricing can be quoted based on volume; project based production as well as exclusive partnerships.